Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome To Whitey's!

Ok guys it's official..i have my first job! Today is my 4th or 5th day of training and let me tell you there have been a whirl wind of emotions involved! There are SO many recipes to memorize and it has literally made me go insane like i have been having panic,anxiety,and hysteric crying. It has left me feeling really weird. But for some reason today i feel a bit more confident which may be because i tried a different approach with trying to memorize. I am trying a technique i used as a kid. I write down what i need to know several times in a row every night. Hopefully this will help. i know it will get better but it will get worse before that i fear.
On another note all HootOwls have suffered a loss that we just recently heard about. One of our other poor little HootOwls committed suicide in January:'( It's so sad to see somebody suffer so bad and  not be able to do anything about it or hear about it too late. My prayers are with her best friend that she left behind.