Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oden Brothers

So I went to see Mission Impossible4 and there was a trailer for The Avengers.I'm SO EXCITED for this movie!words cannot describe how much I want to see it!so Since Thor and Loki Are both in the movie I decided to do a Thor & Loki designed manicure.I love Loki<3

On the right hand:
  • pinkie:Thor's name
  • Ring finger:Thor's Hammer
  • Middle finger:Loki
  • Pointer Finger:Tesseract(cosmic cube)
  • Thumb: Thor
On the left hand:
  • Pinkie:Loki's name
  • Ring Finger: Crackle paint/"Deceit"
  • Middle finger: Loki's Spear
  • Pointer finger: design breifly on Thor's Hammer
  • Thumb:Crackle/"Thunder"


  1. That's great! You did a really good job ^^ You must have more followers, because you have awesome ideas to share!!

  2. Oh! One more thing! I nominated you with this award, hope you don't mind -->