Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspiration: Hipster Triangle

Now i never knew why triangles were starting to become such a big trend. I like triangles anyways and since i am a LIVELAVALIVE fan and mitchell davis liked triangles it just made me love them more. Up until a day ago i didn't realize it was a hipster thing:)alot of people would say that they hated them and that they aren't cool anymore.....ppssshh i don't care i still like them:)i did this mani because i kept seeing pictures like this and i liked them
yeah so those are some TRIANGLES!!!!XD

the colors are:
  1. Sinfule Colors: See You Again
  2. Color Club: Alias
  3. Sinful Colors: Out Of This World
  4. Pure Ice: SuperStar!
  5. Avon: Lagoon

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