Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sad Weekend

Well to start off i had a dream about someone that made me upset(i keep having bad dreams for 2 weeks). Then my friends go to a concert that i would kill to go to today. All i get to do is trying applying for yet another job, take senior pictures in the freezing cold, make a paper mache cow, clean the house,and hear all about their great time together while i will have to try my best to be happy. I need to forget about this and do something to keep myself from being unhappy cause i hate it.bleh....i will make a list of good things!
  1. it was pretty outside
  2. i ate chocolate and cashews
  3. i got to go down my favorite slide
  4. i figured out how to transfere and convert music to my ipod
  5. i got a balloon for my cow
  6. i watched the avengers
  7. my nails look nice

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