Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soar Panda Mouths

well i went in to get a filling and since my only other filling ive ever gotten was when i was a little girl i was a little nervous cause i didnt know what to expect.the drill was loud and scary,getting the numbing shots gives you a bruise,and my face felt funny.so now i have been thinking...is drinking a bunch of soda,eating a ton of candy,and not flossing a really good thing to be doing?(odviously not)I'm sure i wont really care after awhile but it kinda sucks having to get ur teeth drilled. so to prevent from going through it again i should probly change my ways and remember what this feels like.my new friend went to the dentist today too for a chipped tooth.i wonder how their mouth is feeling. cause mine is feeling pretty bad:P

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