Saturday, July 7, 2012

List Update #2

My Want List

  1. Chronicle
  2. Sherlock Holmes 2 (i bought for my grandpa for fathers day)
  3. To Have My Whole Head Dyed A Crazy Color
  4. Books(there are some other books i want)
  5. Laser Light
  6. Money
  7. Put A Design On My Skin With Sunscreen And Go Outside For Awhile (i tried i but didnt work and i dont go outside very much so i cant try it again)
  8. iTunes Gift Card
My To-do List

  1. Try To Exercise Everyday
  2. Loose Weight
  3. Eat Only When I'm Hungry
  4. Make A List Of All The Movies I Want To See
  5. Draw,Paint,Sketch More
  6. Get Over My Fear Of Driving
  7. Work Out The Kinks In Friendships
  8. Spend Time With Other Friends
  9. Finish The Hunger Games Trilogy
  10. Master The Art Of Making Origami Paper Cranes
  11. Drink More Water
  12. Choose Joy
  13. Learn How to "Basket Weave" A Shirt
  14. Also i now have a Tumbr account.YAY! so go follow me:)

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