Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Girls

So I came across a book called Winter Girls. I was on Tumblr and a girl i follow posted something about anorexia. One of the tags was #wintergirls. I thought that was an odd tag so I clicked on it. Apparently This book is quite insane. I read a few passages from it and I now want to actually read it. It's about pair of friends that vow to be the skinniest girls in their school. One girl does this through bulimia and one through anorexia. Since I know people who have gone through(and are still) anorexic it really gets to me. My mom is worried that i will become anorexic because premature children have a tendency to fall into eating disorders. I am actually quite afraid myself because I don't want that to happen to me but I can see how it could happen because I am so insecure about my body. But when I think about it I could never do that to my friends and family. I would never want to put them through watching me slowly kill myself. As much as I want to be thin I will not give into not eating. Watching people I know who did this really helps because I got to see how their lives changed(and not for the better). I want to be healthy and strong and starving yourself may seem like the easy way out but it will get you nowhere in the end.

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