Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Break Extended Addition

Today is my last day of school and then I am off for winter break! Unlike the rest of my peers I will not be coming back to take finals and have a Christmas party. I get to stay home and do whatever I feel like. I'm very happy but I don't want to waste my break. I want to do things. I know I will be hanging out with my mom A LOT. We were going to go see a friend but it didn't work out:( I know we will be doing a lot of baking but that's all I know. I think for break I am going to cut myself off from my friends as much as possible. Which means no texting,calling, making plans, possibly staying off Facebook and if I do get on I will try not to respond or post anything. I just want to get away from it all. I think the hardest part about the season will be staying on my diet. I know people say all the time to never diet on the holidays but I've not lost any weight and I don't want to gain any. I just have to remember to eat in moderation and hope it will be enough along with exercise.

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