Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Tree Friend Time

So last night I went to youth group and all my friends were there except for one because she was with her dad looking for a new rabbit because they starved the other one to death. It was nice getting to hang out and laugh and stuff. Jess spent the night. We watched The Office(bbc version), I painted both our nails, we talked about stuff, and fell asleep watching Happy Tree Friends on my bed together. I didn't sleep well at all though and all I want to do now is go home,drink tea,watch Supernatural (which I found out my Chemistry teacher also loves) and take a nap. However I am not allowed to take naps during the week and if I drink tea then I will exceed my calorie intake for today. So I plan on just going home and working out so I don't fall asleep. That way I can get it done early leaving the rest of my evening free.I possibly may go to bed early or watch the new episode of The Big Bang Theory or both:)

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