Friday, March 16, 2012

Amazingphil and Danisnotonfire

so these guys have been stealing my spring break away so i thought i would finally do something creative and do a manicure in tribute to them.the faces and the right thunb got screwed up:(and you can't see the llama oh well....i used sooooo many colors i decided not to post what they were:)
Left hand
  • Thumb:"danisnotonfire"w/ a heart
  • Pointer: blue lava lamp
  • Middle:Dan
  • Ring:Llama
  • Pinkie:dinosaur
Right hand
  • Thumb:"Amazingphil" w/ a cat face
  • Pointer:Toro pokemon
  • Middle:Phil
  • Ring: lion
  • Pinkie:zebra pattern

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