Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Rescue Mission

so it's finally the weekend!yay!and i get to spend time with all my friends from school at a birthday party.It should be fun i hope we go to the mall instead of going to see the Hunger Games which will cost me an arm and a leg when i could end up going for free later. I really want to buy a We Came As Romans t-shirt form Hot Topic but there was also another shirt i had my eye on at Zumiez but i think i may be more expensivethere:Peverything at the mall is expensive!>.<'i hope tonight my friend's sister wont be there.i always feel uncomfortable around her cause i know how badly she treats her younger sister and she's can get on my nerves fast.

1 comment:

  1. wooohooo weekend:) i havent seen the hunger games yet but i want to soo badly!