Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pills are EVIL

so whenever im sick i try to take pills to make me feel better (which i guess is wat they are supposed to do lolX3)anyways whenever i take them they do absolutley nothing.....nothingat all-_-' this is so frustrateing so i have decided to stop takeing the pills that were actually makeing me feel nose is still a little stuffy but at least i don't have to blow my nose LITERALLY;D ever 10 freakin' minutes!anyways....i have had a moderateley good day and i got to go outside and enjoy myself and act like a spazz with my friend which was loads of fun.i nd myself more energetic after watching Phil and Dan.i think their craziness is rubbing off on me:)and AlSOOOooooOOOooOo i have a youtube channel now!(yaaay:3)yeah idk if i will be posting anything very good or meaningful but you can subcribe to me by clicking ths link that will take you to my channel which is named .pandadetonation.

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