Monday, March 19, 2012

The Box!

So i practically just got home from school and when i was walking upstairs there upon my kitchen counter was a box.I though "could it be????"and YES!in fact it was my Throwboy Triangle Pillow!!!!<3I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
then i saw a huge lime green round thing in a plastic bag...... i wondered what in the world it could be because all i ordered was a triangle pillow.i pulled this out
with this note inside

i think that was REALLY cool of them to do that:)except the whole"wtf" that is on the pillow I'm not really into considering that it's an abbreviation with a bad word:P but i like to make it into my own saying by replacing the bad word with a better one.but still i think that pillow will be staying underneath my comforter:)it's still nice and soft.i also got an awesome pin to put on my school bag along with all my other pins:D

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