Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zombie Lifestyle

So last weekend i went with my friends to see Warm Bodies!I't was so fun.I was expecting it to be really cheesy but it turned out rather cute<3 and i love R he's my new favorite lol
speaking of zombies...i kinda have been turning into one at least i was.
apparently in my quest to be skinny without knowing it i was starving myself.and now that it has been brought to my attention i feel so incredibly bad about it. I feel so much shame and i am now glad that i caught it. apparently i need around 1800 calories a day since i'm an active teenager. unfortunately i was aiming for around 900 to 1200 cal. i guess i thought that if i couldn't burn it off i couldn't eat it which wasn't exactly the case. hopefully now i will start to get healthy and skinny.I really want to be able to fit into a nice dress for graduation in may.

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